Mineral Water Pool Complex - Dobrinishte

Dobrinishte 2777, : +359 888 995 857
The pool in Dobrinishtechuchurjezlogni

Welcome to Alpha SPA and Pool - the largest mineral swim pool comlex in Bansko Municipality. It is located in the town of Dobrinishte.

The mineral water in Dobrinishte is hyper thermal, sulphate, sodium, fluorine and solicit. The pool combines the pleasure of having a bath with curative influence of mineral water.

Our swim pool complex is a preferred place for rest, entertainment and recreation. It combines the nearness of the nature with a pool with olympic size and mineral water.

Except for the big swimming pool, the complex offers for its youngest visitors a small pool with mineral water.

Relax while enjoying the sun and the curative force of the water. You can swim in warm water or just relax while drinking your cocktail at the pool bar exactly at the swimming pool.

Our pool complex disposes with a cozy restaurant, summer garden, external bar-pool and children garden.
swimmingDobrinishte swimming poolpool

In the restaurant you can enjoy the cozy and elegant atmosphere, delicious national and European kitchen and professional service.

The pools are supplied by own mineral water spring. The water is filtered with modern filtering equipment meeting the latest requirements.

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